Tuesday, April 13, 2010


phewwittt...its been a long long time since i write eh i type ok fine updating this blog.as busy as much as lazy and as well as tiring life that i living in now distract my intention to put some story for exactly my own reading and reference in future.hahaha i laugh out loud alone in my room for no reason.

im not in a good mood this nite.i dunno why.i want to blame the PMS because usually i dont even care if my bf didnt msg me early in the morning.unfortunately i do feel like that starting yesterday and it really affect me the whole day until la today.i need the attention more especially for the first three days.if only ever happen u read my blog please do take note.!!!!

arrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh..i scream inside my heart.

oh by the way im currently working with astro..hehe..as my previous entry i didnt get the opportunity at the 1st place..but God knows well.if it really meant to be. nothing could ever stop it,,it just a matter of time...

i enjoy the training so much and i hope so does the real job..another two weeks to go. and as i feel stress now i should review my stress management video. i put so much effort on it and tadaaaa i did it!!!! its for my training purpose but i'll keep it as a memorable things and future reference. it touch me personally..hehe teamwork had led to the success of this video making..enjoyy!!!