Monday, December 21, 2009

this is it..!!

after giving so much thought i decide to stay..!! Ya Allah Ya Rahman guide me through all the way and may my decision is the wiser decision i ever made..Dont leave me alone although I realize I always forget about You..please dont stop testing me as I know by that You remember me..I really dont have any idea what my future may look like..but for the mean time i know im the one who create it from the beginning of the journey. I should not let my lower self-eestem and my inner negatives thinking ruin my dream.
Of course this job is totally not my dream job but i know that the most hardest thing I go through will be the best teacher for me. I cannot rely on theory from any books..its just the guideline but I found it very refreshing when u read some motivational books or phrase when I at my lowest. The only things to cure me is Spirit and Laugh. Things that I can never live without..hahahhahaa..(gelak kecil dalam hati) ;D
I give myself six month and see how far I can go..I should believe in myself (who else kan?) and give my 200% to achieve the target..huhu 1st time pernah ade target dalam hidup..sudah tentu lah kan sebab saya tidak lagi di aras zon keselesaan saya..;(.. If someone else can..why can't I ???? and if thing is never meant to be ..hurm..maybe its time for me to go........

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  1. how often do you read?

    i mean, books?

    mind to list here?